Tokende App. The Best Ride Sharing App.

Tokende is a cutting-edge ride-sharing solution that aims to revolutionize the transportation industry in Africa, beginning with DRC Congo, Malawi and Burundi.

The Application is owned by a Congolese Entrepreneur, Businessman and Philanthropist Mr. Zishakulwe Adrien. Tokende App it is Adrien Group subsidiaries, which aiming to address transportation challenges in Africa.

The app offers riders with affordable and convenient transportation options. Tokende's functionality includes the ability for users to request a ride, track their driver's location, and pay for the ride through the app.

The vision of Adrien Group Founder and Chief Executive Officer is to extend Tokende's services throughout Africa and become a leading provider of reliable and cost-effective transportation options across the continent.

The company recognizes that transportation is an essential component of economic development and is committed to improving the lives of people by offering safe and affordable transportation services.